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Surah Al Maidah MP3 Download
Surah Al Ma'idah (Food / dish) is the fifth sura in the Koran. This chapter consists of 120 verses and suras belong to this class Madaniyah. Even though there are the verses that fall in Mecca, but this verse was revealed after the Prophet Muhammad migrated to Medina, which is at the Farewell Hajj event.

This sura called Al-Ma'idah (dish) for publishing the story of faithful followers of Prophet Isa asked God to lose to them Al-Ma'idah (dish of food) from heaven (verse 112). And is called Al-Uqud (contract), because the word is found in the first verse of this sura, where God caused that his servants to God's promises and agreements they make each other. Also called Al-Munqidz (the rescue), since the end of this letter contains the story of Prophet 'Isa savior of his loyal followers from the Wrath of Allah.

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