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Download Qur'an MP3 Surah Maryam

Download mp3 Surah Maryam
Maryam is the 19th chapter of the Qur'an. Sura 98 consists of verse and Sura-Sura included Verses because nearly all the verses were revealed before the Islamic prophet Muhammad migrated to Medina, even before his companions migrated into the land of Habsyi.

According to the history of Ibn Mas'ood, Ja'far Ibn Abi Talib recited surah Maryam was beginning to King Najasyi and his followers at the time he was tried alongside other companions to country Habsyi.

Sura is named Maryam, because this letter contains the story of Mariam (or Mary in Christianity), the mother of Prophet Isa AS. This Sura tells a miraculous birth, where she gave birth to Isa AS being she had never previously intimate by a male. The birth of Prophet Isa without a father, AS a testament to the power of God ALMIGHTY.

The story of Maryam as Gen. explication is remarkable and magical in this Sura, beginning with the story of miraculous occurrences other granted his prayer the prophet Zechariah by God Almighty, where he wanted a son as heir was granted and continued the ideals and beliefs of his age, was already very old and his wife was barren woman.

Listen Surah Maryam Al Qur'an Online

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